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ZetAvia transports oversized oil equipment to Kenya

ZetAvia delivered oversized oil equipment (about 12 meters long) from the UAE to the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

It was possible to successfully cope with the set logistic task due to the well-coordinated work of the airline's team, sufficient experience in the transportation of such types of cargo and the unique capabilities of the IL-76 aircraft.

Our fleet consists of IL-76T and IL-76TD aircraft, the tactical and technical characteristics of which allow us to carry up to 50 tons of cargo on board and carry out cargo transportation to the most remote and inaccessible areas. Making the most of the capabilities of our own cargo aircraft, we transport cargo all over the world and are one of the leaders in the air cargo transportation market for oversized and heavy equipment.

ZetAvia has been providing oversized and extra-heavy cargo delivery services for over twelve years, building workflows in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers and customers, with active cooperation with airports and ground handling agents.

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