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ZetAvia now has a Technical Base in Aqaba (Jordan)

The new Technical Base in Aqaba allows for all types of maintenance and repair of Il-76 cargo aircraft.

The Technical Base operating in Aqaba since 2015 allows our airline to maintain a high level of serviceability, safety and regularity of air cargo transportation. All forms of maintenance (F1 - F6), routine maintenance, works on assessing the technical condition of Il-76 aircraft and D-30KP-2 aircraft engines are carried out at the base in Jordan with the extension of resources and calendar service life.

It should be noted that ZetAvia's maintenance and repair policy provides for strict adherence to maintenance requirements and programs, is aimed at capacity development, as well as the introduction of advanced solutions, development and training of personnel. Scheduled maintenance of the operated IL-76 aircraft is carried out in accordance with the programs developed according to the recommendations of the manufacturers. In addition to servicing its own fleet, ZetAvia provides similar services to external customers.

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