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ZetAvia delivers over 350 tons of aid to Indonesia affected by earthquake and tsunami

ZetAvia was among the first to launch humanitarian flights to disaster-stricken areas in Indonesia. During the implementation of the program of humanitarian flights to this country, we delivered more than 350 tons of cargo for various purposes.

One of the basic principles of ZetAvia's work is to support humanitarian missions around the world. Almost a decade of experience in the air cargo market, backed up by expertise in the delivery of humanitarian cargo, allows our airline to offer the most effective logistics solutions that allow us to timely respond to the needs of the humanitarian industry, save time and provide timely assistance to people affected by critical and emergency situations.

ZetAvia's unique fleet of IL-76 cargo planes makes it possible to fly to remote and hard-to-reach regions, as well as to settlements with damaged infrastructure for the delivery of emergency cargo in critical conditions.

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