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ZetAvia delivers medical oxygen cylinders to India for coronavirus patients

ZetAvia transported 31 tons of medical oxygen in cylinders from Tianqin (China) to Bhubaneswar (India) for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection.

A special charter flight provided some of the Indian medical facilities with equipment that is a vital necessity for patients with severe pneumonia.

Through the capabilities of our unique aircraft, combined with the professional actions of the entire team, ZetAvia is able to provide services and support to companies and organizations that urgently need the transportation of medical and humanitarian supplies. Our airline has experience in emergency and humanitarian response, and plays an important role in international air cargo transportation, helping people in different countries to fight COVID-19.

The increase in the number of cases in India has continued since mid-February, as a result of which the number of people treated for coronavirus in this country has exceeded 3 million people. India is now in second place in the world in the number of detected cases of coronavirus.

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