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Tripoli and Kiev increase the pace of trade and economic cooperation

The trade turnover between Libya and Ukraine after a slight decline for the year increased by 17%. Ukraine considers Libya one of the most reliable partners on the African continent.

According to the Ukrainian State Statistics Service, over the past five years, a record increase in bilateral trade was recorded in 2018. In 2018, trade grew by 57.3%, reaching $ 325,667 million.In 2019, the volume of trade decreased by 8.1%, and in 2020 increased again by more than 17% and amounted to $ 369,800 million.

At the same time, for the year, Ukraine exported various goods to Libya for $ 327,800 million, which, as can be seen from the figures given, makes up most of the total trade turnover last year. This undoubtedly stirs up interest in Libya among some Ukrainian air carriers. Kiev-based private airline ZetAvia may start transporting cargo to Libya in the future, but only after sanctions and embargoes are lifted from Libya. To perform commercial cargo flights, ZetAvia uses its own IL-76 aircraft, which are highly reliable and unpretentious in operation.

Official data show that in addition to wheat, meat, dairy and confectionery products, juices and other food products were transported from Ukraine to Libya in 2020. Also, the report of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine notes that over the past five years, the export of Ukrainian food to Libya has increased several times.

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