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Syria expects European tourists to return in 2022

Three tour operators from Europe announced the resumption of travel to Syria, which was a popular holiday destination a decade ago, next year.

Syria, under EU sanctions, is hoping for a revival of the tourism industry. The Ministry of Tourism of Syria believes that the growth of tourist traffic will begin in 2022 due to the return of tourists from Europe. It can be assumed that as passenger air traffic with European countries is restored, air cargo transportation will gradually begin to recover. This means that cargo carriers, including ZetAvia from Ukraine, can look forward to resuming commercial cargo flights to Syria in the near future.

According to the official statistics of the Ministry of Tourism of Syria, since the beginning of this year, 488 thousand tourists have visited the republic, and the profit of Syrian hotels has grown fivefold during this time. After a long hiatus, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan resumed flights with Syria. The Syrian ministry says that three tour operators from Germany, Great Britain and France recently announced the resumption of trips to Syria in 2022, and dozens of European tour operators are interested in organizing tours in the SAR.

Until 2011, Syria, home to several UNESCO heritage sites, was a popular travel destination. As a result of more than a decade of conflict, most of the country's historical sites were damaged, but after the restoration work, the main objects, according to the ministry, were restored. The ministry emphasizes that all this time Syria has not ceased to receive guests from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

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