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Syria's flagship airline resumes flights to Dubai

The first flight on the Syria - Dubai route is scheduled for July 3; in the future, the air carrier will operate four flights a week.

Syrian Airlines will resume flights to Dubai after a long break this summer. The first passengers will be able to fly from Damascus to Dubai on a direct flight in just three days. In the future, the Syrian air carrier provides for four flights a week.

It is expected that the resumption of direct flights with the United Arab Emirates will give an impetus to the development of the aviation industry in Syria. It is reasonable to assume that after passenger air transportation, air cargo transportation will begin to recover, the decisive importance of which for the global aviation industry during the pandemic became obvious to all market participants. Air cargo carriers are waiting for the opening of new destinations, including Syria. Kiev-based private airline ZetAvia will consider commercial flights to the Arab Republic only after EU sanctions are lifted from Syria.

Note that flights to and from Damascus International Airport, suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, resumed in October last year. Previously, Syrian travelers could only reach Dubai via Beirut. Before the restoration of direct flights with Dubai, flights from Damascus to the capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi and to Sharjah were first resumed.

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