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Syria under EU sanctions is establishing trade and economic cooperation with Belarus

Despite the sanctions, Syria is trying to restore trade and economic relations with other countries. For this, annual exhibitions are held in the SAR, which are attended by hundreds of Syrian and international companies.

One of the striking examples of such attempts by Syria is the recently launched Rebuild Syria exhibition in Damascus, where goods, products and services of Belarusian manufacturers are presented for the first time. As part of the exhibition, Syria and Belarus will discuss cooperation in the field of water treatment plants, construction work on the territory of the SAR and the supply of agricultural equipment to Syria.

Freight carriers, if necessary, can deliver equipment and materials that are in demand in projects to restore the infrastructure and economy of Syria. For example, the private Ukrainian airline ZetAvia, which is a leader in the transportation of super-heavy and oversized cargo and performs air cargo transportation around the world, with the exception of countries under sanctions and embargoes.

Syria and Belarus in the first days of the exhibition have already managed to agree on cooperation in the construction of dairy farms, discussed the supply of Belarusian agricultural equipment to Syria, as well as the possibility of exporting Syrian agricultural products to Belarus.

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