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Libya, sanctioned by UN Security Council, earns $ 1.9 billion from oil sales in August

In August this year, despite the current UN Security Council sanctions, Libya earned $ 1.9 billion from oil sales due to the rise in world prices for black gold. Such income from oil exports was recently announced by the National Oil Corporation of Libya, stressing that the profit was made in the context of fluctuating production. According to the management of the corporation, for the rehabilitation of the oil industry in Libya, it is necessary to ensure the continuity of exports and prevent the closure of industry enterprises.

The Libyan energy department intends to support the Libyan oil sector by increasing oil production and attracting foreign investment. Such plans of Libya, which has the largest hydrocarbon reserves in the region, coincide with the interests of a number of European energy companies. Together with investors, after the stabilization of the situation in the country, international air carriers are also ready to come to Libya. In the future, a private airline from Ukraine, ZetAvia, which currently transports goods all over the world, with the exception of countries under sanctions and embargo, will also be able to carry out air cargo transportation to Libya. Specializing in the air transportation of oversized and super-heavy cargo, ZetAvia has a flight safety management system (SMS) approved by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, the right to transport all types of cargo, including dangerous ones, and an EASA Part-TCO certificate.

Meanwhile, a number of international experts believe that in the near future OPEC + will face strong pressure from large oil-consuming countries interested in increasing oil supplies to the world market amid higher oil prices and supply constraints. Analysts draw attention to the fact that oil reserves in OPEC + countries and oil reserves in the United States have been falling over the past week, production in the American part of the Gulf of Mexico remains lower than before Hurricane Ida in late August, and a number of producing countries, including Libya , faces some unforeseen problems that negatively affect their production.

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