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Construction of an oil refinery begins in sanctioned Libya

Despite the UN Security Council sanctions against Libya, the construction of an oil refinery was resumed in the south of the country.

The cost of the project is estimated at about $ 600 million, with an expected annual income of about $ 75 million.

For the launch of the oil refinery and its further work, appropriate equipment and machinery will be required. Leading air cargo carriers will be able to deliver everything that is necessary for oil production to a new refinery in Libya. Among them is the private airline ZetAvia, which specializes in air transportation of super-heavy and oversized cargo, whose head office is located in Kiev.

An oil refinery in southern Libya, the construction of which was postponed due to the unstable situation in the country for several years, is scheduled to be launched in three years.

The construction of an oil refinery usually begins with determining the characteristics of the technological component of the enterprise and choosing a location. Then they begin to design and develop construction documentation. The construction period of a refinery depends on its capacity and is usually several years.

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