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Morocco is considering the possibility of resuming flights with Libya

A delegation from Morocco arrived in Libya, which is under UN Security Council sanctions, to study in detail the possibility of opening passenger flights between the countries.

To make sure of the possibility of re-launching passenger flights between Morocco and Libya, the Moroccan delegation recently visited Benin's international airport in Benghazi. During the visit, the processes of performing flights from the airport and all procedures performed along the routes of air passengers from the moment of arrival at the airport to boarding the plane were studied.

Note that in September this year flights to Libya were resumed by Malta and Egypt. A month earlier, France announced its readiness to open air borders with Libya and send a delegation to Libyan airports. This trend is a good sign for airlines specializing in air cargo transportation. This may be of interest in the future to the Ukrainian airline ZetAvia, which transports goods on IL-76 planes to anywhere in the world, with the exception of countries under sanctions and embargoes.

Benin International Airport, to which all flights were suspended in the summer of 2014, is the second largest airport in Libya after Tripoli International Airport. A delegation from Morocco took part in a tour of various airport facilities, accompanied by the head and directors of the Benin airport administration.

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