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Metallurgical plant to start working again in Libya

The enterprise, forced to stand idle in Libya for more than seven years, will be restarted within the next six months.

The metallurgical plant will be launched in the northwest of Libya in the municipality of Garyana, which is the capital of Jabal al-Gharbi. The estimated production capacity of the enterprise will be from 400 to 800 tons per day. To launch a metallurgical plant, specialized equipment and materials will be required, some of which may have to be transported by air. International airlines will presumably undertake the delivery of equipment to Libya. After the embargo is lifted, the private Ukrainian airline ZetAvia will also be able to carry out such cargo air transportation to Libya. Based in Kiev, ZetAvia transports cargo around the world, with the exception of countries under sanctions and embargoes.

The commissioning of the enterprise, which stopped seven years ago, became possible after the signing of an investment contract between a large company from Tripoli and the National Investment Fund. After agreeing on all the procedures, the parties will have to form a committee to assess the production capacity of the plant, as well as calculate the required volumes of equipment and materials, so that the restart of the enterprise takes place as scheduled.

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