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Air transportation to Libya in September was resumed by two countries at once

Air traffic with UN-sanctioned Libya was restored by Malta and Egypt after the agreements reached in early September on the opening of airspace. It is planned that flights between these states in 2021 will be operated four and nine times a week, respectively.

Following the passenger air transportation, despite the sanctions of the UN Security Council, air cargo transportation to Libya may also resume. To do this, international air carriers, such as the Kiev-based ZetAvia airline, have to wait until the embargo is lifted. Libya itself has repeatedly stated its readiness for trade and economic cooperation with other countries. For example, Libya is interested in receiving agricultural products from Ukraine, the supplies of which to the republic in the future can be provided by the Ukrainian ZetAvia, which carries out cargo transportation around the world, with the exception of countries under sanctions and embargoes.

However, despite Libya's interest in resuming trade relations with Ukraine, trade between these countries has decreased by more than 20% in two years amid the pandemic. According to the results of the first half of 2021, the monthly volume of bilateral trade between Libya and Ukraine is approximately $ 25 million. At the same time, most of the Ukrainian exports to Libya fell on cereals.

It is worth noting that Malta became the first European state to resume flights to Libya on September 21 this year, several years after the suspension of flights. The first flight in seven years to Egypt from Libya was performed on September 30.

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