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Libya, which is under UN Security Council sanctions, needs to restore the construction industry

A large part of the international construction exhibition "Libya Build 2021", which has opened today in the capital of Libya, will be devoted to this issue. The fair is attended by nearly two hundred Libyan and international construction companies, as well as over 500 speakers. Italians are showing particular interest in the restoration of the Libyan construction industry. This year Italy at the exhibition in Libya is represented by about twenty construction companies.

As the construction industry recovers in Libya, there will undoubtedly be a need for large-scale deliveries of construction materials and equipment, which will help international freight carriers to organize. The private Ukrainian airline ZetAvia, among others, will be able to take part in the national program for the reconstruction of the destroyed cities of the North African state. ZetAvia is a leader in the air delivery of super-heavy and oversized equipment and operates all over the world, excluding countries under sanctions and embargoes. The carrying capacity of each IL-76 aircraft belonging to ZetAvia is 50 tons, which will allow this air carrier to provide large volumes of deliveries anywhere in the world in a short time.

The construction exhibition "Libya Build 2021" is being held in Libya for the eleventh time. More than 14 thousand visitors are expected to attend the exhibition. The exhibition will run until October 7 this year. This summer, Libya hosted a Libyan-Tunisian building exhibition with the participation of more than 250 companies.

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