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China may send first tourists to Syria in early 2022

The Chinese travel agency began accepting orders for tours to Syria early next year after the resumption of the issuance of tourist visas to the Arab Republic.

In October this year, after a year and a half due to the pandemic, sanctioned Syria resumed issuing tourist visas. As soon as it became known, tour operators from China and Europe showed interest in organizing trips to the SAR. A Chinese travel agency was the first to announce the sending of tourists to Syria in early 2022, becoming a pioneer among foreign travel companies.

The expected resumption of passenger air travel from China to Syria after an 18-month hiatus due to coronavirus restrictions is encouraging for many international airlines. This is good news for the Ukrainian airline ZetAvia, which performs air cargo transportation all over the world with the exception of countries under sanctions and embargoes. Indeed, until now, the global volume of air transportation has not recovered to the level of 2019, the aviation industry continues to suffer losses, and competition is intensifying.

Tourist visas to Syria became available for group travel only in 2018. After that, a number of Chinese tour operators advertised trips to the SAR, despite the unstable situation in the republic. Later they were joined by tour operators from France, Germany and England. The cost of a weekly trip to Syria from Europe per person is approximately 2,000 euros. The route of tours for European travelers so far starts from Lebanese Beirut and then passes through the Syrian cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and along the Syrian coast. Most travel companies offering Syrian tours specialize in organizing individual travel tours.

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